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White Paper on Carbon-14 Testing in Environmental Air Samples

GEL Laboratories, LLC and GEL Engineering, LLC have developed new and improved methods to better identify C-14 in the various chemical forms released from nuclear reactors and fuel reprocessing facilities.

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GEL has added PFOA and PFOS Analytical Capabilities

GEL Laboratories, LLC can now support analysis of samples for Perfluorinated chemicals

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The GEL Group Collects Energy from the Sun

Disabled veteran owned Hannah Solar Government Services (HSGS) has completed the installation of solar panels at The GEL Group, Inc. (GEL) headquarters in the West Ashley area of Charleston, SC.

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Testing for Lead in Drinking Water

Lead can enter your home when lead plumbing materials (i.e. faucets, pipes, fittings and the solder that holds them together) become corroded and begin to release lead into the water.

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Julia Strock Named Group Leader of Radiobioassay and Radiochemistry Metals Department for GEL Laboratories, LLC

GEL Laboratories, LLC (GEL) is pleased to announce that Julia Strock was named Group Leader of the Radiobioassay and Radiochemistry Metals Department for the laboratory.

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The GEL Group, Inc. Supports Community Programs and Initiatives

GEL’s employees strive to make a difference in both what we do as a company and how we serve our community.  GEL has recently participated in several initiatives throughout the community.

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The GEL Group, Inc. Awarded the Export Achievement Certificate

On July 22nd, The GEL Group, Inc. (GEL) was awarded the Export Achievement Certificate by the United States Department of Commerce for excellence in global trade. The Honorable James H. Merrill, S.C. House of Representatives, presented the Certificate to GEL at the World Trade Center Charleston’s International Trade Luncheon.  GEL is one of only two South Carolina companies to receive the award in 2015.

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CFA Adds Instrument and Expands Capacity

CFA has steadily grown since our start-up in 2010, and we have now added a fourth Waters high-resolution gas chromatograph/high-resolution mass spectrometer (HR/HRMS) to our instrument fleet to meet the increasing capacity needs of our clients.

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Dr. Alexandra Ashbourne-Walmsley named Managing Director for GEL Laboratories UK Ltd

Dr. Ashbourne-Walmsley has worked in the defense and security industries for almost 20 years. She is the Director of the thriving consultancy firm, Ashbourne Strategic Consulting Ltd, which has clients in the UK, the US, New Zealand and Europe. She also sits on a British government board, which overseas defense exports. Dr. Ashbourne-Walmsley is an Associate Fellow of the Royal United Services Institute and a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society. She is often quoted in the national and international media as a recognized defense authority.

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GEL Expands Overseas

GEL has established GEL Laboratories UK Ltd in order to gain greater access to the significant British and European nuclear decommissioning markets.

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