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Laboratories Executive Team

Carey Bocklet
Chief Operating Officer

(843) 556-8171, ext 4414

James Westmoreland
Radiochemistry Director

(843) 556-8171, ext 4476


Bob Pullano

(843) 556-8171, ext 4429

Client Project Support

Joanne Harley

(843) 556-8171, ext 4266


Denni Grunstra

(843) 556-8171, ext 4253


Cate Smolinsky

(843) 556-8171, ext 1648

Sample Activity

George McAbee

(843) 906-5923

Greg Austin

(843) 556-8171, ext 4793


Larry Taake
Industrial, DoD, DOE Accounts

(618) 407-0936

Bob Wills
Nuclear Power Programs

(843) 906-5929

Bob Seyer
Industrial, DoD, DOE Accounts

(865) 470-4090

Ashley Nifong
Industrial, DoD Accounts

(910) 520-2035

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